MAP & LIST of the 44 Idaho Counties

Please note:  each county counts as a multiplier.  You can work the same station                                                                                      for a printable list LINK
more than once if that station has moved to a new county. You can work the same
station for more points on different bands.

 ADA  Ada   BNV Bonneville   CUS Custer    KOO Kootenai   OWY Owyhee
 ADM  Adams   BOU Boundary   ELM Elmore    LAT Latah   PAY Payette
 BAN  Bannock   BUT Butte   FRA Franklin    LEM Lemhi   POW Power
 BEA  Bear Lake   CAM Camas   FRE Fremont    LEW Lewis   SHO Shoshone
 BEN  Benewah   CAN Canyon   GEM Gem    LIN Lincoln   TET Teton
 BIN  Bingham   CAR Caribou   GOO Gooding    MAD Madison   TWI Twin Falls
 BLA  Blaine   CAS Cassia   IDA Idaho    MIN Minidoka   VAL Valley
 BOI  Boise   CLA Clark   JEF Jefferson    NEZ Nez Perce   WAS Washington
 BNR  Bonner   CLE Clearwater   JER Jerome   ONE Oneida